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In keeping with our Company’s vision of playing an instrumental role in promoting a clean and hygienic environment, Ultimate Industries Limited is looking for Direct Sales Business Franchisees. We have three different Franchisee models to suit every profile



What can I sell?

As an Ultimate Direct Sales Business Franchisee, you will have preferred access to our full range of matting products Entrance mats, Interior mats, Designer mats, Logo Mats and other Washroom Hygiene Products.

How can I make money?

You will receive commission for every mat you sell. Your commission rate increases as your total sales increase. For every confirmed order Ultimate will directly bill the customer, deliver the mats and provide full technical support. We shall further deposit the Income-tax on the commissions you make and issue you TDS certificates. So not only are you relieved from registering yourself with the Sales-tax and the Central Excise Departments, your Income-tax liability would also have been paid timely. There is no need for you to invest in stocks, maintain a warehouse, or carry any delivery hassles. Simple, isn't it? Just meet our eligibility criteria, book orders and start earning money from today itself!

Who should join the program?

Marketing firms, interior designers, project consultants, vendors to corporates and institutions, freelance mat sellers, dynamic individuals or any firm that provides complementary products and services. If you have the solutions and reseller experience to deliver true customer value marketing information, Ultimate Direct Sales Business Franchisee Program may just be right for you.


What can I sell?

An Ultimate Retail Reseller Business Franchisee can resell our most popular fast moving mat products through retail sales counters.

How can I make money?

You will receive handsome resale margins for all products sold. Order products online through our B2B ordering portal. You will be assured of fast direct doorstep deliveries, and can track your dispatches online. Simple, isn't it? Just meet our eligibility criteria, stock our fast-selling goods and be rewarded for reselling our world-class products.

Who should join the program?

If you have a prominent retail space/shop in a prime mall or market and can meet our product display requirements, you stand qualified to join us as an Ultimate Retail Reseller Business Franchisee. If you do not have a retail space, yet are desirous of joining this program, we can help you identify a location and offer you our professionally designed sale kiosks. These kiosks take minimum space and can be set-up in available spaces in malls.


Join us on our rolls as a Sales Executive. Undergo an extensive product orientation training session and charge yourself to sell our products to institutions and corporates in your city.

If you qualify under our eligibility criteria, our attractive salary plus commission package will ensure that you are well rewarded for your efforts. Fill-in the following form online and send us your Resume by post.

Why Franchisee with Ultimate?

A Government of India recognized Star Export House, Ultimate is a market leader in the matting industry and its products are exported worldwide. In the domestic arena, Ultimate is committed to growing with our Franchisees by providing the best matting solution, highest quality and the fastest delivery to the end-user customer. You gain access to our know-how and world-class support. This commitment is the reason why we are by far the #1 Mat Company in the Indian Sub-continent. 

Ultimate Business Franchisee Program Benefits

Customers today expect more - more options, customized solutions and increased flexibility. That's why Ultimate is inviting you to join our growing Business Franchisee network. Doing so can help you capitalize on additional business in today's rapidly evolving marketplace. As an Ultimate Business Franchisee you will be able to tap into the vast array of resources at Ultimate and take advantage of opportunities to maximize your returns through
  • Selling Ultimate Products
    Augment your present product or service offerings by providing our matting solutions and unmatched support for end users.
  • Co-branded marketing
    Having ties with Ultimate - an established brand leader in the Matting industry, will provide you a competitive advantage.
  • B2B Centre
    A password-protected resource for obtaining Ultimate marketing materials, resources, and reporting of accounts/status/commission
  • Sales Support
    Assistance for Ultimate products, services and programs through a personal Account Manager

Business Franchisee Criteria

For fulfilling the eligibility criteria to be eligible for consideration to participate in the Ultimate Business Franchisee Programme, you must be resident in India and have
  • regular access to the Internet with an E-mail address
  • excellent inter-personal communication skills
  • ability to identify end-user customers and convert product marketing information into sales
  • a Permanent Account Number (PAN)
Ultimate reserves the right to consider other factors, including strategic requirements, when considering an applicant. Achievement of the listed criteria does not entitle the applicant to automatic eligibility. Ultimate may approve or decline an applicant at its sole discretion.
Yes!   I am interested in participating in the Ultimate Business Franchisee Programme, for which I am submitting my information as under
(The information submitted by the applicant is intended for internal assessment by Ultimate, and will be kept confidential and not shared with any other organization)
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l. Annual Business Turnover  
m. Special Achievements  
n. Income Tax PAN  
2. Personal Details (to be filled both in case of an Individual applicant, and by the Proprietor/Franchisee/Director in case of an organization)
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