Distribution & Import

We offer a wide array of doormats and matting runners for distribution in your region. With over 3,500 sq.m of production area, multiple production lines and an organized set-up, we ensure that your orders are processed and shipped efficiently on time.


Vinyl looped coil matting with/without backing in several thicknesses to suit every outdoor application. 


Tough scraper polypropylene cut-pile fibers set in a choice of tpe/vinyl backing. Available in doormats and runners across a wide selection of designs. 


Absorber pp carpet cut-pile matting backed with tpe/vinyl. Runners and doormats for both indoor and outdoor use.


Alternate bands of tough scraper and fine absorber polypropylene cut-pile fibers with tpe/vinyl backing. Functional design. Available in doormats and runners. Bespoke colors on request. 


Prestige aluminium strip matting with extra wide clean-off zone infills for very heavy traffic applications. Choose infills from our selection of matting products.


Dust-control cut-pile polypropylene mats and matting with extended border vinyl backing. 


Premium aluminium grate matting with polyamide brush infills. Suited for extreme heavy-traffic areas.


Tough dual-action scraper and absorber commercial dust-control mats. Loop-pile stiff and soft dual pp yarn carpet with extended border vinyl backing. 

For specifications and detailed trade information on our products, get in touch with us