About Us

Ultimate is a market leader in the matting industry, and its products are exported worldwide. We are committed to growing with our partners by providing the best matting solution, highest quality and the fastest delivery to the end-user customer. This commitment is the reason why we are by far the #1 Mat Company in the Indian Sub-Continent.
Our manufactured product range comprises of vinyl looped matting, dust control mats, chromo-printed logomats, designer rugs and aluminium inlay heavy-traffic matting for varied interior and exterior applications. Under our food-division, we manufacture and distribute gourmet foods. For more details, visit American Bagel Factory

Backed with a strong national network and a large reseller base internationally, our diversified operations are seamlessly integrated right from product manufacturing to providing high quality end-customer service.

Our high business ethics, reliability of our products and services and respect for people have contributed towards building our good corporate image in the industry.

Welcome to our world!